Sınav Model United Nations
Conference 2024

Welcome Letter

Letter from Secretary-General

Esteemed Prospective Participants,

On behalf of the SINAVMUN Family, it is an utmost privilege and pleasure to welcome you all to the Fourth Annual Session of the SINAV Model United Nations Conference. My name is Doga �AKAR and it is an honor to serve you as the Secretary- General of SINAVMUN 2024. Just like last year, the Fourth Annual Session of the SINAVMUN will be held with the cooperation of GO Academy and Sinav Schools in Limak Atlantis Deluxe Hotel & Resort, Belek - Antalya, between the 3 rd and 6 th of March. Since its establishment in 1992, Sinav Schools has led the way to innovation and initiative in the education sector, won several awards, and shown dedication to providing better quality education to the Turkish youth. Similarly, by organizing numerous successful conferences and events to broaden the horizons of future generations and prepare them for the 21st century through extra-curricular activities, GO Academy has proven to be a valuable actor in the education sector in a short amount of time. SINAVMUN 2024 represents the common vision of these two institutions that are dedicated to bringing innovation to the education sector to raise generations who are well-rounded, intellectual, sophisticated, resourceful, and capable of solving not only their own problems but also the problems of the world.

The Third Annual Session of SINAVMUN was a tremendous success, with the participation of more than forty Sinav campuses from various cities. This year, for our Fourth Annual Session, we challenged ourselves to excel the academic and organizational quality and bring a new definition to the word success. With that goal in mind, our academic and organization teams worked tirelessly to provide our delegates with the best environment for learning diplomacy and negotiation and practicing their debating, academic writing, and critical thinking skills, as well as making new friends and creating lots of unforgettable memories. Every detail of this organization has been planned with exceptional dedication and attention to make sure that our participants leave the conference with enriched knowledge of global issues, increased confidence in their capabilities, and an elevated mood for having had a great time.

This year, we prepared seven committees for you that focus on a broad range of topics. While most of our committees have agenda items that are based on general global issues and problems, we will also simulate one historical committee and one brand new diplomatic talks which is vital for World�s food supply. Our historical committee is Geneva Conference of 1954, a journey to decolonization period in Indochina, within the shadow of Cold War! As our magnum opus, we are proud to serve Black Sea Grain Initiative: Russo-Ukrainian Talks with Turkey�s Mediation. Through Turkish diplomatic efforts, Russia and Ukraine are coming to the table to discuss the future of a crucial food supply for the World food market during the war.

A group of highly experienced, successful, and exemplary individuals who are well-versed in the topics at hand will lead and monitor your committees, and I have full faith in all of our board members to guide you through the rules of procedure so that our delegates can practice negotiation, problem-solving, conflict resolution, diplomacy, and collaboration as they act as world leaders, policymakers, and diplomats. As the Academic Team, we are very excited to hear your take on these crucial agenda items. On that note, we wish you all efficient and beneficial debates.

It is important to note that while MUN conferences aim to familiarize you with the economic, social, political, and environmental problems of our world and enable you to improve skills that will benefit you in the future, these events also present great opportunities for you to have fun, make lots of new friends and memories. Make sure to enjoy yourselves during the delicious coffee breaks, thrilling and energizing challenges, and fascinating social events that our amazing and one-of-a-kind organization team has prepared for you.

On behalf of SINAVMUN Family, I once again welcome you to our fourth annual session, and I know I speak for all of our team members in saying that we are looking forward to meeting you all! Dear rising eagles, I hope this conference will make you remember that all of you have wings, and you should never let the fear of falling prevent you from flying. I hope you will use this chance to find your own voice, choose your own path, spread your wings and learn how to follow your dreams.

Yours sincerely,
Secretary-General of SINAVMUN 2024



Discussing the measures can be taken on enhancing the response capabilities of United Nations to earthquakes in the light of the 2023 Turkey–Syria Earthquake.
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